Cerec Crowns

All porcelain crowns in one visit!  This amazing technology makes getting crowns so much easier for patients, and with no impression and no need to have an uncomfortable temporary.  The materials are the best we’ve ever had in dentistry.  The crowns look like natural teeth, are extremely strong and are better bonded in place than anything we have ever used.  Why would you want anything else?

Invisible Braces

Braces without wires – they work!  I have found very few cases where this does not work. The advantages for the patient are comfort, no wires to irritate your cheeks and tongue, and of course, they look much better during treatment with no wires showing.  They can be taken out to eat and clean your teeth.  Sometimes they are even faster than conventional wire braces.

Digital X-rays

Digital x-rays use about 10% of the radiation that conventional x-rays take.  Additionally, these films can be manipulated in many ways to make diagnosis more accurate.  They can be transferred electronically to doctors that we refer to for various treatments.  They can also be sent to insurance companies electronically.

Under Armour High Performance Mouthwear

This is not your basic drug store sports guard!  As a licensed Under Armour doctor, I work together with Under Armour to custom make these cutting edge guards. They protect your teeth and jaw while enhancing sports performance through improved strength, endurance, and quickness.  I have provided these for athletes from casual weekend athletes to high school, college and professional athletes.  Ask us which Under Armour guard would work best for you.